Yay! We are finally live and we got this far. This is where the real fun begins. Let’s discover what it’s like to have your house on the market, how to handle showings, and more!


Our team uses a system called ShowingTime to handle all showing requests. The system is awesome!

When a buyer’s agent makes the request for a showing, you will be notified via text, email, or phone call for your approval. We typically set our clients up for texts unless you tell us otherwise. The text will have all of the details like date, time, and length of the showing.

From there you either approve, deny, or propose a different time for the showing. It’s that easy!

For a more in depth review on how to handle showings, be sure to watch our latest video here.


This is the hard part! Keep your house show ready at all times the best you can.

If you have kiddos running around, this is where things can get challenging. But a cool part about showings is that you set the parameters for lead times. If you need at least a 1 hour notice to pick up around the house to prepare for the showing, then that’s what we will do.

For example, if a buyer wants to visit the property at 1pm, then they will need to make the request by 12pm. Just let us know your preferred lead times and we will make sure to set it up!

Check out our video we made covering how to stay show ready the easy way.


One important thing to remember is, don’t get your hopes up if you don’t receive an offer right away. Sometimes even the best houses on the market take some time to sell. So be patient. It could pay off!


It’s important for the agent you hire to track and report metrics to you. Metrics like online traffic and view counts, showing activity, any changes in the neighborhood regarding your competition, etc.. These items will help you and your agent understand the best path moving forward and if the market is accepting your price.


There isn’t one single house that fits everyone’s needs. If you receive negative feedback, don’t get upset! Either fix the issue at hand or move on.

I will say though, it’s important to pay attention to any trends when it comes to feedback. If the majority of people are saying that your house is over priced, or the house has bad pet odor, or maybe everyone is complaining about the fence that needs replacing; the issue needs to be corrected before your listing becomes stale and we start inviting low ball offers.


There are a couple different things that indicate we are over priced. If we have been on the market for quite some time and have had little to no showings, the market is not accepting our price. And the most obvious way of telling, is if we constantly receive feedback that we are over priced.

When it comes to feedback, I would want to see an overwhelming majority telling us that we are over priced before making any price reductions. You will always have a few that say it’s over priced regardless.

When we make the decision for a price correction, a couple things happen that give your listing a boost; it gets sent to all the agents and consumers email inboxes.

When a consumer sees the price reduction, they see the listing as being refreshed and ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out) starts hitting them. So when you make a price correction, you can reasonably expect an influx in showings again.


When we go live, you should start searching for a new home to purchase, especially in today’s market. Assuming that you are buying another home after you sell this one.

What we advise our clients to do is to download our app and start building up your favorites folder. Both you, and I as your agent, will continue to add listings to your folder.

Once we go under contract with a buyer, then we will start viewing all of the houses that you saved that are still available.

Ready to move on? Check out the next article in this series: What To Expect: Receiving an Offer.

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