Professional photography is extremely important when selling your house. It can make or break you. And stay far away from agents who like to take pictures with their cell phones…


As I mentioned in one of our previous videos and articles, most home buyers find their home online, so it’s crucial that your agent hires a professional photographer to make a good first impression. Have you ever scrolled through houses online and noticed a house that had horrible pictures? Unless you were looking for a fixer-upper, you probably skipped right over it.

One of the many reasons most homes don’t sell is because of the junk photos. The ones that look like the agent took the photos with their flip phone from the early 2000’s… Professional photos make a home shine, cell phone pictures make a house look dull and broken.

A picture is worth a thousand words. What story are you telling potential buyers?

Are you wondering where buyers come from? Check out the video we did covering how buyers find your home when you decide to sell.


Have you ever seen a house on HAR where you can do virtual tours? It’s quite amazing actually. Today’s technology works wonders! You give buyers the opportunity to walk through your house virtually without ever having to leave their own house. The only downfall is that you may not have a lot of physical showings… BUT the showings you do have, they may be serious candidates to buy your house since they more than likely did the virtual tour.


Statistics show that a house listed for sale, with more than 15 photos, sold faster and for more money than those who had less. Are you letting your agent leave money on the table?


Look, professional real estate photography is a niche. It’s all about lighting and capturing images that show the right angles. Leave it to the professionals! Don’t let your agent take photos on their camera and for sure not on their cell phone.

No matter how expensive of a camera we buy, our team will never take photos of our listings. We always hire professional photographers to showcase our listings and give them the attention it deserves.

If you want to know what company our team uses, you can check them out here.

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