Photography is probably the most important step to get right when it comes to selling your house. We live in a modern technology world and you want to make the best possible first impression that you can. But how do you make sure your photos turn out thumb stopping good? Well let’s dive in!


The first thing you should do is hire a stager to come out and view the property. When our clients choose to hire us for the job, this is something we pay for.

Our stager will meet with you and walk the entire house inside and out. From there she will make her recommendations on how to make the place look, feel, and flow better for showings.

If you have a vacant property and want to fully stage the house, this would be at your expense. Check out our video for 10 tips to sell a vacant property fast and for top dollar.


Next, you will begin the decluttering process. You will remove loose items laying around the house and pack them into boxes to place in the garage or attic.

You are moving anyways, so look at it like you are getting a head start on packing up.

I will always remember what a stager told me a long time ago, less = more.

Have you ever walked into a model home before? Ever notice how clean and tidy things are? Try your best to mimic a model home.


Next up, cleaning the entire house! Yes. The whole thing. Bathrooms, carpet, tile grout lines, shower glass, window sills, everything.

This may be easier for you to hire out. Cleaning an entire house can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have kids and it always looks like a tornado ripped through your living room. And if you have pets, the house may have a pet odor that you probably aren’t even aware of.

Call around and ask cleaning companies for some quotes. On average it should cost you around $300-$500. Money well spent in my opinion.


Remember when we talked about first impressions? Well, if the inside is immaculate, but the outside looks like total trash, buyers will be extremely disappointed when they arrive for a showing. The front of your house is the first thing they will notice, which will set the tone for the rest of the showing.

Start by brushing up on some landscaping. New mulch, new colorful flowers, stones around the flower bed, trim bushes and trees, and make sure the grass stays mowed. After sprucing up your flower bed, make sure to keep the weeds out as well.

Take a look at the driveway, sidewalks, and the exterior of your house. You should probably have someone pressure wash everything to make it look like new condition. Buyers love the ‘new’ feeling!


Here is where things can become difficult for a seller if they have small children running around the house. Organize everything you can.

Start with your closets in the master bedroom. After that, move over to the kids closets, kitchen pantry, and bookshelves if you have any.

Organize all of your kids toys the best you can. If they haven’t used or played with some toys in a while, box them up and put them away. The toys that is. Remember, less = more!


Once you have everything squared away, now is the time to knock out any paint projects that are needed.

Get rid of any bold colors that could turn off potential buyers; reds, greens, yellows, etc.

Paint the walls a more neutral and inviting color. Yes, it may have been your taste and worked for you, but we are trying to please the masses here. Not limit our buyer pool. For cool ideas on color schemes check out Pinterest!


This phase of the selling process is probably the most stressful and heavy lifting part you will have to endure. It should be easy going from here!

It’s important to do the best you can and it doesn’t have to be perfect. You have to find a stopping point, otherwise it will never end. The idea here is to provide a potential buyer with quality, model home like, photos to entice them enough to schedule a showing and view the property in person. So don’t stress too much, do what you can and move on!

Click here to pick a time on our calendar that best fits your schedule, to walk through your home with you and give you advice on which things you should focus on to get the best results for you.

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