If you have made the decision to sell your house, you may be wondering how long it takes. Real estate transactions have a ton of moving pieces that have to happen to get it to the closing table. So how long does it take from start to finish? Watch the video and read the article for a more in depth review. Let’s dive in!


First things first, you need to establish your own timeline and why you are selling. Are you relocating? If so, when? Do you need to sell this house first before you can purchase another one? Are you wanting to move into a new school district before the school year starts? You should know the answers to these questions to help you determine when you need to get your house on the market. When you decide to list your house for sale, make sure your Realtor is aware of the timeline you are on, so that you can both develop a game plan that fits your needs.

For the sake of this article, let’s assume you are ready to sell and hire a Realtor now. Start scheduling interviews with agents.

If you need help finding the right agent to sell your house, check out the video we did covering the awesome strategies to find the perfect real estate agent.


After you know what kind of timeline you are on, next is prepping your house for sale. Your agent should have walked the house with you at the initial listing appointment. In addition to us walking the house with you, we could send out our stager to help you with tips on how to best prepare the house inside and out.

Be sure to watch our video we did covering how to prepare the interior of your home and the exterior of your home when selling your house.

Just a quick recap of those videos. We talk about cleaning, decluttering, knocking out any deferred maintenance, painting, moving furniture around, landscaping, pressure washing, etc..

Depending on how fast or slow you get this done and how much work there is, you are probably looking around 2 to 4 weeks. Maybe sooner!


Next up, we are going live!

As soon as you are done prepping, we will schedule photos to be taken. We will have photos back within 24 hours after they are taken.

It’s really difficult to tell you how long it takes to go under contract because every sub market in Houston is different. Some houses are receiving multiple offers within hours right now, while others take a little more time. But we will go with an overall perspective of the Houston real estate market as a whole. On average it takes roughly 26 days to go under contract when you go live on the market. Again, this varies from house to house.

Contact us if you want exact numbers for your neighborhood.


So you have accepted an offer on your house and the house is sold right? Not so fast. There are still some hoops to jump through.

The buyer still needs to get past the inspection period, the appraisal, and of course obtain the clear to close from their lender. Assuming the buyer isn’t paying all cash, and even then you would still need a clear title report from the title company. But you are typically looking around 30-45 days to close after you accept a buyers offer.

Also, funding should happen that same day at closing as well, but there are some circumstances where funding could be pushed to the next business day.


This brings our total days from start to finish to around 60 days from the day you list to the day you close. Don’t forget to add in the prep time which could add a couple of weeks.


Every situation and client is unique in their own way. And market conditions can vary wildly from one neighborhood to another. The physical condition and price of the home plays a major factor on how fast a property will sell.

So if you were expecting shorter numbers, don’t get discouraged. This is just an overall birds eye view of the entire Houston region as a whole. Like I mentioned earlier, if you want a more accurate prediction of how long it will take to sell your house and for us to develop a solid game plan with you, schedule your appointment here.

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