So you’ve listed your house for sale, but what’s next? What should you expect for showings? Let’s dive in to find out!


When we initially sign documents, we install what is called a Supra (a bluetooth lockbox), most likely on the front door handle. This box is great because only licensed agents can access the box and we can track anytime it’s opened or closed.

Unlike normal lockboxes, there’s no code to give out, which provides an extra blanket of security of who can obtain the keys.


Once we go live on the market, we use a showing system called Showing Time.

When a buyer wants their agent to make a request to view your house, they will do so on the ShowingTime app. After they make the request, you will receive a text, email or phone call with the details of the showing request. Day, time, and length. You will have to confirm, deny, or propose a different time, when the request comes through.


If you live in the house, then we set the showings up to be confirmed by you first, for obvious reasons.

If the home is vacant, we usually set the showings up as “Go & Show” meaning there is no confirmation needed. However, you will still be notified of showings when they are scheduled.


If the home is vacant, we wouldn’t have a lead time for showings. A lead time is an advanced notice.

However, if the home is occupied, then it is common to have at least a 1 hour notice before the showing occurs. Meaning if the buyers want to see the property at 1pm, the agent needs to schedule by 12pm to give you time to prepare. This all depends on what you’re comfortable with or if you even want a lead time.


Keep your house show ready at all times, the best you can. No dirty dishes in the sink, dirty laundry laying around, etc…

Be sure to check out our video we did about keeping your house show ready for a more in depth review.


Once you approve the showing, make sure if you have any pets that they are either taken with you or crated up.

When the house is in order and ready for showing you would need to leave so that the buyers and their agent can walk through the property without interruption or feeling awkward. You can come back after the showing is over, which is typically blocked out for 1 hour.

If you are at work during the scheduled showing, then you don’t have to worry about finding something to do. But if you are at the house and someone wants to see it, go grab a bite to eat or run some errands.


Later during the day after the showing is complete we may receive feedback from the agent on what their buyers thought about the house. The email with the questions regarding how the showing went is sent to the buyers agent at least 5 times until they submit feedback to us.

When it comes to feedback, it’s important to note any trends. If multiple people are saying your house stinks like dog, well, your house stinks and you need to do something about it!


I hope this article shed some light on how to handle showings and what to expect.

If you want to know what it’s like to sell your house in today’s market, give us a call or schedule an appointment here.

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