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You won’t find any realtors better

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You won’t find any realtors better than Andrew and Samantha. Andrew and his wife took great care of us through the process and handled everything very professionally.

John L.

Helped us sell our house quickly and for more

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Andrew Lake did a wonderful job helping us sell our home. He was professional and knowledgeable. We had some unusual situations that he walked us through and helped us resolve. We put our house on the market just as Covid 19 began and he helped us sell our house quickly and for more than the asking price.

Jeanie B.

A wonderful experience

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Had a wonderful experience looking and buying a home all thanks to The Lake Team.

Jacquelyn S.

Highly recommend!

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Highly recommend!

Ashley A.

Handle all of your needs

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Andrew and Samantha are by far the best realtors I’ve encountered. They are Always on time , always answer their phones, and have always done everything they said they we’re going to do. If you are buying or selling I would highly recommend hiring them to handle all of your needs.

Harvin J.

Will work with them again

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Excellent Team, good communication all through the process, reachable and knowledgeably. Will work with them again.

Magda & Hernan C.

Everything was smooth sail

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I highly recommend Andrew Lake, everything was smooth sail

Ruben V.

Pinching ourselves wondering if we are going to wake up

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Prior to meeting Andrew I had a very bad taste in my mouth with realtors. My family member I am very close to & LOVE very much is a realtor. He did NOT help us when we purchased a home a 1.5 years ago. In fact it turned into a disaster & we had to pay cash for the house. Andrew made the entire process so incredibly simple we are still pinching ourselves wondering if we are going to wake up from this dream.

Richard B.

Very personable

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Awesome to work with and very personable.

Kim S.

Very professional and friendly!

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Very professional and friendly!

Jess L.

The Lake Team is it

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If your looking for a realtor The Lake Team is it. Very knowledgeable and will walk with you the entire process. Amazing Team!!

Francisco F.

Worked their tails off!

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The Lake team rocked! They really helped sell a property that faced a difficult set of challenges. They were super responsive as well. Worked their tails off! They went above and beyond, which for an out of town client was extremely valuable. Keep it up you two!

Rio F.

Very helpful and knowledgeable

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Andrew was very helpful and knowledgeable. He understand the market trends and priced my home to sell.

Andre L.


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Andrew and Samantha have a heart for helping people. You will not find another Realtor with more integrity. #powerhousecouple

Jason H.

Very helpful as a first time homebuyer

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The lake team did a great job,Andrew answered all questions I had in a timely manner I highly recommend them, he was very helpful as I was a first time homebuyer.

Steven V.

Our forever realtors!

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The Lake Team rescued us from Zillow! We decided to sell the house we lived in & move next door to a house we had been working on for over a year. My husband lived there for 42 years. We had been there for 20 years. The house is in the county so not much traffic.

1/23/2019 – Andrew came by to introduce himself & save us from Zillow. He told us he would list our house for $14,000 above our listed price on Zillow. I immediately thought he just wanted our business & expected him to come back later to lower the price. We had friends & family tell us they wouldn’t give us $200,000 for 2 of our houses. Andrew suggested we “neutralize” our house colors. We were not ready to list it on the market yet but we signed with The Lake Team.
2/11/2019 – We caved & accepted the help The Lake Team sent to help “neutralize” my colors. We DIY & we are to cheap to pay contractors but Andrew sent his contractor to help us get it on the market. His fees were fair enough that we were able to hire him.
3/2/2019 – The Lake Team started sending potential buyers to look at the house even though it was still “under construction”. We later realized that we would still be “under construction” today if Andrew didn’t start bringing people in & had us clearing out supplies/tools used.
3/17/2019 – The Lake Team officially listed our house. My phone immediately started blowing up with “we’re showing your house” notifications.
3/22/2019 – We accepted an offer $7000 above listing price. $21,000 above our Zillow price! Closing date 4/26/2019.
3/28/2019 – Inspections came in & we agreed on the final offer $17,000 above my Zillow price, $3,000 above listing price. Closing date still 4/26/2019.
4/10/2019 – Property Appraised! We didn’t have to lower our price. WAY TO GO Lake Team!
4/26/2019 – We sold our house. The Lake Team even delivered a baby during this time!

We have heard horrible “my realtor jerked us around” stories from so many people. We waited for the “bad news” to come from 3/17/2019 right up to 1:45pm on 4/26/19. I mean really, who doesn’t get at least 3 closing dates? Our house was only on the market for 4 days! It all seemed to go to be true. They are our forever realtors!

Tina S.