29 09, 2021

How To Get Your House Ready For Sale | Prepping The Interior

2021-09-29T14:46:22-06:00September 29th, 2021|Categories: Sellers|

PRO TIPS FOR PREPPING THE INTERIOR OF YOUR HOME FOR SALE You only have one chance to impress potential buyers, make it count. But what should you do to ensure buyers fall in love with your home? In this video and article we will review everything you need to know! DEFERRED MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS Remember all those things you kept putting off? You know, the honey-do list that you would “get to in a minute”? Well, now it’s time for you to get to work. All those items need [...]

28 09, 2021

10 Tips to Make Buyers Fall In LOVE With Your House

2021-09-28T16:24:59-06:00September 28th, 2021|Categories: Sellers|

10 TIPS TO MAKE BUYERS FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR HOUSE So you have decided to sell your house, which is great! But how do you ensure that buyers will fall in love with your house the moment they walk through the door or pull up in the driveway? Well, there are multiple tricks to the trade, so let’s begin! 1. MAKE AN ENTRANCE - FIRST IMPRESSIONS As you are aware, first impressions are everything. Every layout of a house is different, but you can do your best to decorate [...]

27 09, 2021

How Long Does It Take To Sell Your House In Houston?

2021-09-27T11:47:34-06:00September 27th, 2021|Categories: Sellers|

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO SELL YOUR HOUSE IN HOUSTON? If you have made the decision to sell your house, you may be wondering how long it takes. Real estate transactions have a ton of moving pieces that have to happen to get it to the closing table. So how long does it take from start to finish? Watch the video and read the article for a more in depth review. Let’s dive in! ESTABLISH YOUR TIMELINE First things first, you need to establish your own timeline and [...]

23 09, 2021

DOM | A Key Metric You Must Know BEFORE Selling Your House

2021-09-23T11:11:22-06:00September 23rd, 2021|Categories: Sellers|

DAYS ON MARKET - A KEY METRIC YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE SELLING YOUR HOUSE A key metric you should understand before putting your house on the market is days on market or DOM. Knowing this metric will help you understand how long it will take to sell your house and how to price it right according to your goals. WHAT IS DOM? Bread, cake, chips... they all get stale eventually. And when it comes to selling your house, the last thing you want is your listing becoming stale. There [...]

23 09, 2021

Tips To Sell Your House | Pro photography Is A MUST!

2021-09-23T08:13:51-06:00September 23rd, 2021|Categories: Sellers|

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY - WHY IT'S IMPORTANT WHEN SELLING YOUR HOUSE IN HOUSTON Professional photography is extremely important when selling your house. It can make or break you. And stay far away from agents who like to take pictures with their cell phones… FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER As I mentioned in one of our previous videos and articles, most home buyers find their home online, so it’s crucial that your agent hires a professional photographer to make a good first impression. Have you ever scrolled through houses online and noticed a [...]

21 09, 2021

Your Change Of Address Checklist! | Simplified Moving

2021-09-21T10:48:50-06:00September 21st, 2021|Categories: Sellers|

CHANGE OF ADDRESS CHECKLIST | TIPS FOR MOVING Moving can be a headache, causing you to forget to change or update your information to give important people in your life, or service providers. Use this as a guide once you have moved and settled into your new house. POST OFFICE This is the FIRST place you should notify for a change of address. Any mail sent to your previous address will automatically be forwarded to the new address for 12 months. They make it easy these days so that [...]

20 09, 2021

What Items Must Stay With The House When You Decide To Sell?

2021-09-20T12:53:16-06:00September 20th, 2021|Categories: Sellers|

WHAT MUST STAY WITH THE HOUSE WHEN I SELL? | NON-REALTY ITEMS MOST ARGUED ABOUT Non-realty related items are probably the most argued about in real estate sales. Worst case, leading to litigation. But we are here to shed some light on our contracts here in Texas and what it means for you so that you can be prepared when we ultimately list your house for sale. Keep in mind, this is only for the state of Texas. Let’s dive in! FIXTURES & ACCESSORIES First off, it’s important to [...]

17 09, 2021

Open Houses | Will They Help Sell Your Home?

2021-09-17T08:16:45-06:00September 17th, 2021|Categories: Sellers|

OPEN HOUSES | WILL THEY HELP SELL YOUR HOUSE? Do open houses work? This is probably one of the most common questions we get from our clients. And the short answer is, it just depends. In this video we cover how having an open house can help give your house a boost in the market and what not to expect from it. Let’s dive in! BOOSTING TRAFFIC Open houses do provide additional traffic, but don’t expect an offer from it. If the listing becomes stale and you haven’t had [...]

16 09, 2021

Buyers Vs. Sellers Market | The Housing Market Explained

2021-09-16T15:21:03-06:00September 16th, 2021|Categories: Sellers|

BUYER'S MARKET OR SELLER'S MARKET? | WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE & HOW IT AFFECTS YOU Have you ever wondered when the best time to sell or buy a house is? Some seasons are better than others, but it has so much more to do with supply and demand than the time of year. Do you know which type of market is most favorable to you? Let’s break it down! WHAT IS A BUYER'S MARKET? A buyer’s market happens when supply exceeds demand. In our industry that means having more than [...]

15 09, 2021

Home Selling Tips | How To Handle Showings From Buyers

2021-09-15T13:24:29-06:00September 15th, 2021|Categories: Sellers|

HOW TO HANDLE SHOWINGS WHEN SELLING YOUR HOUSE So you’ve listed your house for sale, but what’s next? What should you expect for showings? Let’s dive in to find out! EXTRA SECURITY - SUPRA LOCKBOX When we initially sign documents, we install what is called a Supra (a bluetooth lockbox), most likely on the front door handle. This box is great because only licensed agents can access the box and we can track anytime it’s opened or closed. Unlike normal lockboxes, there’s no code to give out, which provides [...]

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