5 Reasons To Buy A Home IN PEARLAND This Fall

The Houston and Pearland real estate market is just like the four seasons. In the steaming summer months, the market is hot! But when fall comes around, the pace slows down – which can be good for buyers! Let’s dive into the 5 reasons how this slow-paced season can be to your advantage!


1). Old Pearland Inventory Can Mean DEALS:

Most sellers put their homes on the market in the Spring or Summer months and often price it too high right from the start, resulting in multiple price reductions. As the Fall season approaches, by October you are likely to find more desperate sellers than any other time. This means you can buy a house deeply discounted under its current market value!


2). The Competition in Pearland and Houston Are Far Less:

Most families with children shop for a home before school is back in session. After school starts, the fierce summer competition is no longer competitive like it was. What this ultimately translates to is that you may be able to get that dream home for your family, under market value, and actually SAVE money! Who doesn’t like a good deal!?


3). Sellers Want To Close By December 31st:

To a family, a home is where you make memories that last a lifetime, and a place where you want to raise your kids. However, it’s also an investment – with tax benefits. The seller may want to take advantage of a gain or loss and may be undoubtedly motivated to make it happen before the year is over. The best thing to do in our market in Pearland / Houston is to ask your agent (Samantha or myself) to dig deep and find out the sellers’ true motivations.


4). Holidays Madness:

When the holidays are around the corner, sellers may feel strong pressure to accept an offer so they can get on with their holiday planning. If the house hasn’t sold by November, they may very well be done with the hassles of listing their home for sale. Although Pearland and Houston has a strong market, there is always a motivated seller ready to be over with the process.


5). Weather Conditions Show True Colors:

We all know the weather changes during the fall and winter months. Although enjoyable in our local area, it may rain often. This is the best time to view a home because it will reveal the flaws of the home. The best time to do an inspection is when it’s raining outside because any major issues may be exposed. It’s best to know right away if the house has any issues, rather than finding out months later.


There you have it! 5 reasons why NOW is the time to buy! If you or ANYONE you know that may be interested in buying, selling, or investing in a home, CALL ME TODAY!

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