So you have decided to sell your house, which is great! But how do you ensure that buyers will fall in love with your house the moment they walk through the door or pull up in the driveway? Well, there are multiple tricks to the trade, so let’s begin!


As you are aware, first impressions are everything. Every layout of a house is different, but you can do your best to decorate or stage the entrance of a home to make it feel more cozy or homey so to speak.

Also, if you have a wood front door, refinish it to bring it back to life and make it pop the way it used to. Buyers will take note, and it goes a long way, I promise.


Fresh paint is probably the cheapest update that you can do. It stretches every dollar you spend and gives you a nice return on investment (ROI). Buyers love a new feeling, and let’s be honest, there’s something about the smell of fresh paint that people like.

If you still have builder grade flat paint or super bold colors on your walls, you need to change it. It needs some loving on. Stay away from bold colors and stick with something more neutral and inviting.


Organize like the champ you are! Don’t leave anything laying around or thrown in closets like a tornado just blew through it all. You want to give off the impression that the house has a ton of storage space to accommodate all of the future buyers belongings. So head on over to The Container Store if you need to or hire a professional organizer and consider making a donation to a charity or others in need.


Lighting is so important when it comes to selling real estate.

For showings, keep all of the lights (inside and out) turned on and every window covering that you have needs to be open.

Sometimes buyers show up at the exact same time as their agent does and they won’t have time to turn on every light and open blinds prior to their buyer walking through the house. So make it easy for them! Before you vacate the house for a showing, knock this out for them.


Alright, here’s where things can get expensive, but it can most certainly pay off. We all know bathrooms and kitchens are what sell a house. So, if your bathroom or kitchen hasn’t been remodeled since the 1970’s, it’s time for a desperately needed upgrade.

If you need contractors let know. We have several contractor contacts that we do work with frequently. And if you have absolutely zero sense of imagination, check Pinterest for some cool ideas.


This could mean a variety of things depending on what type of flooring you have.

If you have carpet, consider getting a deep cleaning done and re-stretch it if needed.

If you have tile, chances are that the grout lines are filthy. Get someone out to deep clean the tile and grout lines and it will look brand new.

If you have hardwood floors, keep them clean. If they are scratched to hell and back, consider getting them refinished. But that could cost you a pretty penny. Do what you can, just make sure it’s freshened up and looks nice!


When you start receiving showing requests, it’s important to prepare for that showing and provide an environment for a great showing experience.

Light a candle (somewhere safe, like a bar top or breakfast table) and leave it lit for showings. If you are uncomfortable leaving a lit candle, use plug-in air fresheners or a diffuser. Everyone loves a house that smells amazing.


Remember when we talked about how important first impressions are? Well the first thing a buyer sees when they arrive at your house is the front exterior of the home. What would they currently see right now? A yard that looks like the amazon rainforest or a well-manicured lawn and house?

Take the time to spruce up the landscaping and make any necessary repairs on the outside of the home like siding, fascia boards, and soffits. Also, pressure wash the driveways, brick, siding, and sidewalks for a fresh clean look.


Here is something you probably haven’t heard of before! Get rid of every single yellow warm colored light bulb in the house and replace them with bright white bulbs.

It will make the entire house feel like natural light is just pouring through the home. Plus, it helps the photography come out more beautiful than ever!

You can find bright white bulbs for cheap at Walmart. If you can’t find them there, check out Home Depot or Lowes.


Buyers will love you for this. CPO simply means Certified Pre-Owned. Yes, just like a car dealership. But in this case you will be getting a pre-inspection report to provide the buyer before they make an offer. This shows confidence that you have a solid home and have nothing to hide.

To make things even better, make repairs on whatever came back on the report and provide the buyer with pictures or invoices from the repairs you’ve made. This will also instill confidence in the buyer that they made the right choice in choosing your house over the others they saw.

We sold a house that was surrounded by new construction with extreme competition this way. It works wonders!


Well there you have it! The top 10 ways you can ensure a buyer falls in love with your home. Use this article as your guide during this journey. Reach out to us if you need any help or advice on what you should and shouldn’t spend your time or money on. We will be happy to help!

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